“His step mother asked me to choose between her and my son” – Mohbad’s father (video)

The father of late singer, Mohbad in a recent interview has made a sensitive statement while speaking on the relationship between his son and step mother.

The father of the late Nigerian singer, Mohbad in an interview with BBC speaks in the relationship between his son and his wife (Mohbad’s step mother).

While the actual cause of his death hasn’t been confirmed by the authorities involved, his father has shared a recent statement regarding his late son and his stepmother.

In his statement, he blamed Mohbad for being the reason he married another wife since his mother left.

he also claimed that he was once the cause of their fight where she complained that he was not properly communicating with her and loves his son more.

he also said she gave him an option to chose between her and his son as the quarrel continued.

In his statement, which was originally made in Pidgin English but translated to English he said: “My name is Mr. Aloba Joseph Oluwabamiwo, and I am the father of the late Mohbad.”

“Mohbad was a quiet person who didn’t talk much. Whatever you gave him would satisfy him. He was my friend, and we used to go out together.”

“Whatever I was doing, he would always join me, and we were very close. We were like brothers.”

“Ilerioluwa was someone who liked to do the things I did. He saw me as a bishop, and when I went out, he was ready to follow me.”

“Sometimes, he would dance, and sometimes, he would support me. That’s how we started.”

“I never thought he could even sing, but there was a time when we were at a Redeemed Church, and I promised him that after I finished building our house, I would buy him a talking drum. He was happy.”

“After buying him that talking drum, within three days, he learned how to play it. I was so surprised.”

Speaking about marrying multiple wives, he said: “I can say Mohbad was the reason for having multiple wives because after his mother left me, I had to marry another person.”

“The second wife was understanding at first, but later, when Mohbad wanted to go to school, she started complaining, saying, ‘You don’t open up to me,’ ‘You do everything with your son.’ She even said, ‘It’s either you choose me or your son,’ and I told her I would choose my son”.

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