Hotel guest in shock on seeing snake-shaped towel on his bed

A Nigerian man takes to social media to seek answers after finding his hotel room towel arranged in a snake like shape whenever the room is cleaned.

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to seek for answers after consistently finding his hotel room towel arranged in a snake-like shape whenever his room is cleaned.

He shared a video of the room on social media expressing his confusion and asking for explanations from other social users.

According to the man, each time the hotel staff cleaned his room, he would return to discover the towel carefully arranged to mimic a snake resting on his bed.

In his words;

“Abeg how hotel go do towel like this? Wetin be the meaning?”

Watch the video below:

Netizens Reactions…
@brodashaggi reacted; “This one na Super snake. Still in celebration spirit my bro.”

@generalbravo1 said; “The towel is shaped like a swan 2. Swan is known for cleanness.”

@iam_linchpin reacted; “Nneka the pretty serpent hotel & suites. Run o.”

@carphy_flinks reacted; “Na duck because you go durk babe.”

@stanleyigboanugo7 said; “That’s talent the housekeeper should be appreciated that’s a goose.”

@abayomi_alvin said; “Don’t be a bush person c’mon!!! Enjoy the money you paid jo! The hotel dey package themselves ni.”

@official_daisy94 said; “I won’t sleep in this room. Heaven knows. What kind of expensive joke is this?”

@civiolinist reacted; “It’s peacock a interprets: Beauty and peace.”

@mcallamano said; “It was supposed to be two facing each other to form the heart shape, but the cleaner was in a hurry.”

@nrindioma said; “I have this video exactly mine even had red petals around, especially Dubai hotels Omoo I was always wondering why they had to decorate with this shape.”

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