“How can I explain that my 2 months salary can’t buy a bag of rice” – Corper laments

A Youth Corp member takes to social media to lament about the amount she is being paid in comparison with the current price of things in the economy.

A youth Corper laments over the N33K allowance corps members are being paid as she makes a comparison with the current price of things in the market.

The lady identified by her so ail media handle as @sandra_godday bemoaned the inadequacy of the monthly N33K allowance and it’s inability to cater for her needs

She also revealed that if she is to save two of her monthly allowance, it wouldn’t be enough to get her a bag of rice.

She also made various comparisons and noted that if she were to buy an iPhone, she would need to save for 10 months to be able to afford one.

Sharing the video, she wrote …

“My fellow corpers how is life ?”

Check out reactions that followed …

@Evang joseph taiwo said: “Go get your passport. You are going out of this country soonest.”

@IRABOR Chijioke said: “They are not paying you salary, it is just an upkeep called allowance. Please be guided.

@aliumuhammedjam61 commented: “You never see something. Go and learn truck.”

@Josh said: “This is the kind of challenge that should go viral.”

@Trace said: “Madam, you are not working you are serving your country.”

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