How I felt when Olamide picked Temmie as YBNL Princess instead of me – Candy Bleakz spills

Upcoming Nigerian female rapper, Candy Bleakz spoke about how disappointed and pained she was for losing the ‘YBNL Princess ‘ title to Temmie Ovwasa in 2015.

Up-and-coming female rapper, Candy Bleakz discloses the pain she felt for losing the ‘YBNL Princess’ title to Temmie Ovwasa in 2015 following Olamide’s decision.

She reveal this information during her appearance on the recent episode of the TV show “Trending,” hosted by the reality star, Kim Oprah.

She disclosed that she was initially set to become YBNL Princess, but Olamide, introduced Temmie Ovwasa instead instead of her.

In her words, “The day Baddo (Olamide) unveiled Temmie Ovwasa, she is my friend but I was really sad. I was supposed to be the YBNL Princess. I was like, ‘Why did they sign someone else?’”

However Temmie did not last in her position as YBNL Princess as she had a fall out with Olamide some years later over allegations of being maltreated.

Candy Bleakz on the struggles of being a female artist in Nigeria said;
“For a female artist, when you’re pretty it’s a problem, when you’re ugly it’s a problem. When you’re too sexy it’s an issue and when you are not it’s an issue. Because I’m bringing something to the table but you will see comments like, ‘She’s not fine. She’s not dressing sexy. And at the same time, when she is fine they would want her to bring something to the table.”

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