“How Mohbad’s father tried burying him at midnight” Baale of Ikorodu spills

The baale of Ikorodu speaks on how Mohbad’s father tried to bury him at midnight shortly after he died.

The Baale of Ikorodu, Lagos state, who is also the Chairman of the Landlords Association has recounted how late Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba tried that bury him at midnight.

Recall that Mohbad died at 27 on September 12th, 2023, and was buried a day later in Ikorodu which raised a lot of eyebrows online.

The Baale of Ikorodu also made Joseph Aloba looked suspicious after it was revealed that he tried to bury his son at midnight.

According to him, Mohbad’s father wanted to bury him at midnight on the same day he died, before he stopped him.

Taking to social media, netizens called for the arrest of his father as they pointed accusing fingers a the clergyman.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:


See how Netizens reacted below:

@I Am Kingsley wrote, “Mohbad papa sef na suspect.

@Yomi Iheanacho wrote, “He’s definitely connected or knows about the death of his son. God may children never be the victims of bad parents@Oluwatoni wrote, “Haaaa midnight?? That means he knows something about his son’s death

@Kelly Fresh wrote, “The first day they announced his death, I commented that the father looks uncomfortable and irresponsible and many of you wanted to roast me

@Pendragon wrote, “They should arrest his dad that man surely knows something about his death

@Diamond Best wrote, “I talk am say the man knows something, don’t jump into conclusion about anything. 20 years max for the man in Kiri Kiri if found guilty”.

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