“How women rejected me due to my looks” – Veteran actor Stephen Alajemba spills

Veteran Nigerian actor, Stephen Alajemba, known as Unwaezouke has opened up on how he faced countless rejections he faced from women due to his looks.

Veteran Nigerian actor, Stephen Alajemba, speaks on the numerous rejections he got from women in his life due to his physical and facial looks.

The actor revealed that his mother had informed him that he also faced countless rejections even as a baby, with people refusing to carry him because of his attractive appearance.

Stephen Alajemba emphasised how the rejection based on his looks followed him into his adult life, particularly in romantic relationships.

According to the veteran actor, women typically “run away” at the sight of his face, making it challenging for him to attract a romantic partner until he reached the age of 20.

In the interview, Stephen Alajemba revealed that he made a promise to his mother to make her proud, as she had expressed her disappointment during his childhood, stating that he did not bring anything good to her.

The thespian, now in his mature years, recounted that he eventually found love and got married to his first love at the age of 23.

“Any lady who sees my facial look and stature runs away. Unfortunately before one accepted me I was already 20 to 22 years old. I married at 23. So the first person tasted it and confirmed it and she did not leave me anymore,” Stephen Alajemba said.

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