“I am not a Yoruba man” — Labour Party’s Anthony Chinasa-Abiola clarifies following win in Abia


  • The elected Labour Party candidate in Abia State House of Assembly, Anthony Chinasa-Abiola denies rumour that he of Yoruba descent.
  • This is because of the controversy surrounding the name “Abiola”.
  • According to Anthony Abiola is a guy name that he adopted and nothing more.

Anthony Chinasa-Abiola, the elected Labour Party candidate in Abia state’s House of Assembly, denies rumours that he is of Yoruba descent.

Despite the “Abiola” name in his title, there have been assumptions that he comes from the Yoruba ethnic group during the controversy that trailed the Lagos Labour Party candidate.

In a TVC interview, Chinasa explained that he simply adopted the name Abiola to show support for Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, the Labour Party candidate in Lagos.

According to him, the name Abiola is just a “nickname” or “guy name” that he employed.

He, however, noted that he did not debunk it until now because he wanted the viral reaction to favour GRV.

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