“I blame Bobrisky over Jay Boogie’s health failure” -Sonia Ogiri

Nigerian actress, Sonia Ogiri has blamed Bobrisky for the health issues faced by Jay Boogie.

Nigerian actress, Sonia Ogiri, calls Bobrisky a vae influence, blames her for tye health challenges, Jay Boogie is facing.

The actress made this known via her Instagram while giving the reason she would not be participating in the fundraising for Jay Boogie.

She spoke on how some people are adamantly opposed to counsel and advice while things are going well, but turn to the public when they face difficulties.

Ogiri stated that the only help she can render is to pray for Boogie’s healing but can not provide finances.

She questioned the transwoman’s decision to get butt surgery in the first place, which resulted in his situation.

This is coming after Jay Boogie’s friend recently informed the public about the failure of his two kidneys.

Turing the accusing fingers on Bobrisky, Sonia blamed Bob for Jay Boogie’s predicament, accusing him of deceiving young boys today.

She stated:

“Dear Nigerians,

*Be sensitive with your giving.
*understand the principles of giving
*Learn the consequences of giving to a course

My Body my Choice? Mind your business? You have no right to be in my business? I do what I like etc has gone wrong? Now you’re involving people? BE SO CAREFUL OF THE DECISIONS YOU MAKE IN LiFE even though it’s YOUR LIFE.

When this generation (society) pressure you, pressure back with your strong 💪🏽 will, your strength and focus.
Everything in life has consequences

The kind hearted Nigerians will still Donate money but as FOR ME, I can ONLY pray for GOD’S Mercies and healings upon you. MY MONEY will never go into such case when genuine people needs help? When people with no self afflicted health condition needs help? A MAN? What business do you have with doing your body? When the wrath of GOD is in action, no human can stand it period. Bob well done, you’ve done well misleading some of our boys and you dare laugh at him now?

Y’all are overlooking this topic and soon, it will become a national disaster.”

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