“I did it for clout” – Agozi Samuel tenders public apology to AY Makun

Agozi Samuel, the man who made some severe allegations against AY Makun and May Edochie has tendered a public apology to him over what he said.

Agozi Samuel, the man who levelled several allegations against renowned comedian, AY Makun has tendered a public apology to him.

Recall that Agozi Samuel accused AY of having an extramarital affair with May Edochie, Yul Edochie’s wife, pointing it out as the major reason why the marriage of the celebrity couple crashed.

He further alleged that comedian AY’s second daughter belonged to his security guard and not him.

In response to these allegations, the comedian filed a petition against Agozi Samuel alleging that he made some untrue and unfounded claims in a 4.32-second video that was posted on Saturday, January 20.

He also added that his video exposed AY to hostility and public mockery. The petition claims that these accusations have the potential to cause annoyance, insult, animosity, hatred, public outrage, and anxiety to his family.

Following the petition, Agozi has tendered a public apology to AY Makun.

Reversing everything he said and noted that he was just chasing clout and looking to make some money to help him feed and pay his dues.

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