“I didn’t release ‘Johnny’ officially, it got leaked” – Yemi Alade

Nigerian Afropop singer, Yemi Alade revealed in an exclusive interview has revealed that her hit song ‘Johnny’ was leaked.

Popular Nigerian Afropop singer, songwriter Yemi Alade has revealed in an exclusive interview that her hit song ‘Johnny’ was leaked.

In the interview, the Interviewer asked the singer if she realized she became a star when she learned that her song ‘Johnny’ became a hit.

In an immediate response, she replied, “Yes, I felt it. I never thought it was a song that leaked; I didn’t release it officially.”

Speaking about the cover picture of the hit song, she added, “If you find the picture, it’s a picture of me with some blonde weave.”

The interviewer asked further, “What do you mean it leaked?”

She added, “It leaked online; it was never officially released. Yes, it probably would never have been released. God finds a way to move people and things around.”

Watch the video below:

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