“I drank plenty palm oil” – Pregnant Woman stirs reaction online

A pregnant lady has shared the weird cravings she had while pregnant.

A pregnant woman identified by her TikTok handle as @pweetyfaith0 has shared her pregnancy journey, with the weird craving that came with it.

Her video left a lot of people shocked. According to tye lady she drank palm oil while pregnant.

Throughout the course of her nine-month pregnancy journey, she disclosed that her most fervent craving was for palm oil, which was highly unconventional compared to the typical pregnancy food cravings.

She stated, “Red oil was my craving throughout my 9 months journey,” shedding light on her unique pregnancy experience.

The woman’s video garnered different reactions from netizens across TikTok.

Some commenters also utilized the opportunity to share their own unique and sometimes unusual pregnancy cravings.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:


See how netizens Reacted belo:

@user2837758897628 said; “It seems I’m the only one who doesn’t have all these weird cravings. Halfway through my pregnancy and yet no cravings.”

@Dee_Nwa commented; “The baby’s favourite food will be Abacha and Banga stew. Congratulations dear.”

@Pretty peace reacted; “God abeg of this ur own nor different so.”

@faithybael said; “Hmmmm I finally found my second, this was also my craving when I was pregnant.”

@BEAUTYBYBEE reacted; “Me I like ice cream and sugar cane no be small.”

@preshylove said: “Mine was bone, especially chicken bone.”

@user1067720316233 said; “Same here me and red oil nah 5&6 I enjoy d tick oil.”

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