“I expressed my love to my ex-girlfriend by beating her mercilessly” – Jigan Babaoja

Nollywood actor, Jigan Babaojo opens up on how he used to beat his ex girlfriend mercilessly as a sign of his love for her.

Nigerian actor, Jigan Babaoja has open up on how he used to beat his ex-lover mercilessly to express his love to her.

In an interview with “Talk to B,” Babaoja revealed that he had a difficult time growing up which affected him.

“During that period, I will tell you, throughout my secondary school, I was a virgin because there was nobody to talk to. Even the girlfriend I had at that time, the only way I felt I could show love to her was to beat her.

“That was what was in my mind at that time because I liked to show I had power as people used to follow me a lot then. So if I called her to come here and she did not come, I would beat her up mercilessly. I did not know what they called love.

“The only thing in my head was to fight. ‘I am talking to you and you are walking away, when I am talking to you, you have to listen to me,’ that was what I used to say then. ‘If I am talking you keep quiet and listen, I will just slap her severally,” Babaoja narrated.

“I pray God will forgive me. I remembered a lot of things I did to that girl, I am very very sorry. I did a lot of bad things. She was even my first girlfriend. Her name was Kemi, I did it to the point that I was very mean, I set a plank for her and she fell in the gutter. I was very wicked. I was not a peace-loving child, I swear, I was very wicked, I was a bad guy,” he expressed regret.

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