“I had a studio in my father’s house and he didn’t know” – Davido spills

Afrobeat singer, Davido shares how he had a recording studio in his father’s house yet, he was unaware.

Popular Afrobeat singer, Davido has shared how he had a recording studio in the same house as his father, Adedeji Adeleke and he wasn’t aware.

Davido revealed this while discussing his early journey to the music industry in an interview.

He disclosed that his father was unaware of the recording studio he had in his house.

He further explained that he was able to create a secret studio because the house had more than 20 rooms and his father had the habit of going straight to his room after work.

He also shared how he moved to America for college and transited from a school in Tennessee to Alabama.

In order to keep him from being sidetracked by music, his father did not want him to attend school in Atlanta, where he was born.

However, the school Davido attended in Alabama who really musically inclined. At the end of the day, he had to leave school because all the artists back home were growing and he needed to be a part of that.

Watch him speak below:

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