“I never disrespected Zubby Michael on set” – Ogbu Johnson clarifies altercation

Ogbu Johnson had cleared the air on the recent fight that happened between him and actor, Zubby Micheal.

Budding actor, Ogbu Johnson, has cleared the air on claims that he disrespected popular actor, Zubby Michael while on a movie set.

The clarification came after a video of the duo was seen fughting on-set.

Destiny Etiko, in reaction to the situation advised Ogbu Johnson to show respect to Veterens who has charter the path for other people in the industry.

Zubby Michael agreed with this remarks claiming that Ogbu may have endangered his career by acting disrespectfully.

On Monday, October 9, Ogbu Johnson took to Instagram to clarify any misconceptions about any form of hostility between himself and Zubby.

He claimed that the public had misinterpreted his altercation with Zubby and taken it for a genuine fight.

Ogbu emphasized that the online video was simply a meticulously constructed scenario from a forthcoming film.

Johnson clarified that this theatrical altercation was only intended to demonstrate their skill as actors and raise the bar for cinematic stunts.

His words;

“Some persons have gone ahead trying to create a rift between myself and my senior brother and industry boss by making it appear that I was disrespectful in interpreting my role to the satisfaction of the director and thereby trying to create bad blood between us.

| make this statement to clear all doubts that I in no way mean to disrespect the person of Zubby Michael my senior colleague and will do no such thing.”

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