”I only wanted to test her loyalty” – Man laments as his girlfriend is set to get married to his best friend

A man has been left heartbroken and in deep pain after his best friend snatched his girlfriend right under his nose.

Sharing his story online, the man simply known as Solomon tried to test his girlfriend’s loyalty with the help of his best friend it but turned out to be a bad idea as they ended up falling in love and are set to get married.

According to the heartbroken man, he has been dating Ella for more that 2 years and she has been real but he thought it’s all pretense so he decided to test her.

He made an arrangement with his best friend and they both agreed to make it look real so she won’t suspect. Interestingly few days after he found out that they will be getting married soon

Read his story below:

”Truly I, Solomon, have learned my lesson and i must pass it to my unborn child so they won’t do the same mistake.

There’s this girl that I love so much and we both love ourselves that we do everything together like married couple even though we’re still in courtship.

Ella and I have been dating for more than 2 years now and since I met her she has been real and truthful just that I don’t know what came over me, I don’t blame anyone on this but myself, i championed everything that’s happening to me today.

After my three failed relationship which I never enjoyed anyone of them, I met Ella when I went to a shopping mall, we exchanged numbers and became friends, our friendship lasted barely two months before we started dating and to be honest, it has been smooth until I started feeling that she might be pretending and did not truly love me, the way she portray.

She’s such a beautiful that every guy would like to be with, I must say I was lucky to have such a diva by myself but I didn’t know what actually came over me. In a quest to know if she’s truly real for me, I went to make an arrangement with my best friend, Jude, this guy has been there for me right from Secondary school to University level till we graduated.

We arranged a test in order to know if Ella truly loves me as she always says, to cut the story short, few days after we arranged the appointment I never set my eyes on Ella again, her number was not reachable and the worst is that my best friend told me that after meeting her nothing else happened claiming that he didn’t know her whereabout after she told him she was going home.

I went to her house to find her, the neighbors said she has not returned for the past few days and moreover she sent someone to park her properties out of the apartment.

Just two days ago, one of my course mates sent me a pre-wedding photo of Ella and Jude, who are getting married in few weeks coming.

Well I don’t blame Ella or Jude, I only blame myself for everything that’s happening but truly i have learned my lesson.

Brethren try to understand that whatsoever that loves you will always love you, it doesn’t matter how the person express it, humans have different ways of expressing their love, try to get that.

You must not put someone to test before you can know that the person truly loves you. You may not have the right person now but so long your heart is pure, the right person will surely locate you. Don’t make the same mistake like me. Let love lead.”

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