“I over trusted her” – Isreal DMW opens up on failed marriage to Verydarkman

Isreal DMW pours out his heart to popular critic VeryDarkMan over his failed marriage and the betrayal of trusting his wife.

Celebrity logistic manager, Isreal DMW pours out his heart to Verydarkman on his failed marriage and the betrayal he felt from trusting his estranged wife.

Isreal and his estranged wife, Sheila went separate some months ago over issues in their marriage which is not new to the public.

In a recent interview on Instagram Live, Verydarkman questioned Isreal DM on how he handled his separation from his wife.

According to Isreal DMW, the pain of losing his marriage was like a dagger driven into his heart especially since he invested all his trust.

Watch the video below:

Reactions below:

alibabaofcyprus1 said:“She really did him a very strong thing and it’s really unfair. Being betrayed by someone you trust can damage you. I pray he heal.”

nene_george opined: “He’s still very much heartbroken. He really needs to see a therapist so that his healing can begin… hopefully he can still trust women😩.”

bkny_belicious stated: “He’s been talking and talking and talking 🤦‍♀️ and I have not heard her voice.”

beccaszn noted: “You suffered very well na why you Dey lock person daughter outside if she no tell you before she go make hair😒😒 Eau de Ment!”

iamclickmatic reacted: “Why he no go pain em see vdm sha person waste money like that you say make the guy no feel pained 😢 men should take care of themselves abeg.”

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