“I swear none of you will graduate” – Vice Chancellor vows after her phone was stolen

A viral audio making rounds on social media shows the outburst of a school vice chancellor after her phone suddenly disappeared while in the company of her students.

A viral audio on social media captures the outburst of a school’s Vice Chancellor after her phone suddenly disappeared while in the company of students.

A student shared the reaction which was captured after the school head phone was stolen.

The Vice Chancellor could be heard vowing to fail all the students for stealing her smartphone and disregarding her status for that matter.

She further gave the condition of revoking her decision only if whoever stole her phone returned it to her office.

Reactions below:

xan_draa penned: “Mummy no be by muscleee oo… u better start begging dem than shoutinggg cos ur phone otilor! 😹🤣.”

zia_blac noted: “How she won take track the tiff 😂😂.”

horlar_mhoney opined: “If dem goes your phone this period u sef goes another person own😂 Xr na 310k😂.”

knedved007 stated: “Dem don run VC street, this year is no Gree for anybody 😂.”

henry_aniegboka_ reacted: “You dey luck say no be for poly nekede cus if nah dele just know say that department all of unah 😂dey see carryover.”

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