“I trusted her with my soul” – Man devastated after discovering hidden HIV pills belonging to his wife

A Zimbabwean man has been left heartbroken upon discovering HIV pills hidden by his wife as she hides her HIV status from him throughout their three years of marriage.

A Zimbabwean man could not hide his sadness and pain after discovering HIV pills his wife had been keeping from him throughout their three-year marriage.

In the video which has gained attention online shows the man narrating how he received a divine revelation through prayer, unveiling the location of his wife’s secret stash of HIV pills.

According to his narration, it was revealed to him that she is HIV positive and had been discreetly taking antiretroviral drugs (ARVs).

She hid the drugs in a hoe she tore behind their sofa to conceal her ARVs. The man retrieves a black paper bag from the torn fabric, explaining before unwrapping a blue bottle of TLD.

TLD is an abbreviation for Tenofovir / Lamivudine / Dolutegravir), an ARV regimen recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the preferred first-line treatment for adults living with HIV.

In his words, partly;

“You can see this while here. She has deliberately removed this cover underneath. So I will pull it out. You can see I’m pulling it out. It’s here. you see the thing that she has hidden.”

“A warning to those who want to get married. You can see the tablets here. I trusted her with all my heart and my soul. I stood with her in all her sickness and all her troubles but this is what she does to betray me.

“She is taking ARVs and I am exposed to the disease. She doesn’t care whether I die or I live. So I’m just an object for her to use.To take me for a ride. She doesn’t care the children that I have they still need me. They’re young. I thank God for this revelation.”

Watch the video below:

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