“I want to marry someone like my current boyfriend but not him“ – Lady shares dilemma

A young South African lady provokes debate on social media as she reveals her intention of marrying a man that treats her like her current boyfriend.

A young South African provokes debate on social media as she reveals her intentions to marry a man who treats her exactly like her current boyfriend.

A social media user identified as @Nanazille on X reveals the choice of man she’d love to settle down with to the surprise of many.

According to the lady, her current boyfriend is the definition of a perfect man but she hopes to marry someone like him but as long as it’s not him.

In her words, “I want to marry someone like my current boyfriend but not my current boyfriend. Everything that man is just transferred to another man. I hope that makes sense to you, God!!

”Kuthiwa I must settle😭😭I have one life. I’d rather be single than settle. To settle ya’ll questions, he isn’t South African, I’d just love to settle down with a South African for an easier or convenient life. If it makes sense. He is not ugly, broke or married like some have tried to guess lol.

Ya’ll don’t know my relationship nor the dynamics. You find offense in me stating my preference, when the person I am dating doesn’t, the problem is you. Otherwise we make each other happy, go puke your guts out in borrowed anger and leave me😂🤣🤣.”

Her claim, however sparked mixed feelings from social media users who questioned her thought process.

Reactions to the post below:

Talk2vee quizzed: “So why are you with him? Why not stay single wait for who fits this description? If he tells you “the man that will marry you is lucky”,you’ll cry and call him a time waster SMH 🤦🏽‍♀️”

Rho__Nald stated: “I pray he sees this. God please save this nigga🙏.”

Omezerevivian said: “Seems what you’re trying to insinuate here is that, you prolly want to marry someone that has your current boyfriend physical looks and not his character or maybe his character and not his physical looks.”

Andress22_00 penned: “This English is not Englishing can you explain better 😭 Marry someone like my current boyfriend? But not my current boyfriend??”

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