“I wanted a boy as first child” – Nigerian lady cries after giving birth to baby girl (Video)


  • A Nigerian lady has been left unhappy because she gave birth to a female child instead of a male child.
  • In a viral video, she was seen crying and her husband consoling her and telling her that a child is God’s gift irrespective of gender.
  • This have triggered a lot of reactions online.

A Nigerian mum who just welcomed her first baby is unhappy because the child is a female.

In a video which has gone viral on Instagram, the new mum broke down in tears and cried profusely saying that she wanted a boy instead of girl.

According to her, it has always been her lifelong dream to give birth to a baby boy as her first child.

Her husband, however, saw things differently as he insisted that a child is a child irrespective of gender.

Meanwhile, the video has gone viral and sparked massive reactions among Instagram users.

Watch the video below:


@gylliananthonette said: “When some people day even pray for any one….Always be thankful.”

@feolatsfc said: “Next one will be Girl too and even the next one too. The angel in charge of children dey purposely do am. Na so he dey give me Boy Boy Boy Boy. At least give me one girl.”

@carphy_flinks reacted: “Give me if you don’t want.”

@endylight1 said: “Be thankful and Grateful, it’s your first fruit and believe me na girl they take care of parents pass o. Your next will be a boy.”

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