“I wanted to be a Reverend sister” – Beverly Osu

Nollywood actress and Reality Tv star, Beverly Osu has revealed how she was expelled from the convent although she had the strong desire to be a nun.

In a recent interview, Nollywood actress and popular Reality Tv star, Beverly Osu reveals how she desire to be a reverend sister but was expelled from the convent.

She made this revelation during an interview With Temisan in his latest episode of “Tea with Tay”.

During the interview, she spoke about her life experiences as a student in a convent school and the eventual expulsion due to her passionate involvement in various creative pursuits.

She also shares her journey in the world of Nollywood and her unwavering determination to one day grace the prestigious Oscars stage.

Beverly also recounted her Big Brother Africa journey, from the audition, time spent in the house, and the aftermath of the show.

She also touch on her upbringing and how difficult it was growing up in a broken home while stressing that she loves her family.

Beverly revealed that her rebellious teenage years was the major reason her family members to suggest a convent school for her secondary education.

However she was expelled for not being able to conform to school rules.

Watch the video below:

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