“If she gets pregnant, stay away from her” — Alpha male advice men

An alpha male provokes debate online as he advice men with pregnant women to detach themselves from their wife during pregnancy and get her to carry the burden alone as it is her job.

An Alpha male has provoked debate online with his advice to men with pregnant wives, telling them to detach from them during the pregnancy and let her carry the burden alone as it is her job.

The man took to his anonymous Twitter account, @amerix, where he said that his content is dedicated to uplifting men.

This post has generated a lot of controversy owing to the nonchalant and cruel nature of the advice.

He said that he believes that men should stay away from their wives while they are pregnant, only giving them the resources necessary to get through the pregnancy.

According to him, fathers from the previous generations did not hover around their wives, therefore, there is no reason for any expecting father to do same.

In his words;


If she gets pregnant,

Stay away from her.

You may offer resources to support her during pregnancy

but detach.

You have done your work, let her do hers.

Did you ever see your FATHER hovering around your mother when she was pregnant?



The man’s post below

Some reactions to his post

@japhetho stated: “This one is not masculinity this is being been a sadist and a narcissist, I pity the kids that will grow up in your home, they will be starved of all forms of emotional support and love, as long as your give them money your fine.
A very sad pitiful man”

@MalakwenKB claimed: “First time pregnancy is stressful for them they need some support”

@adeewunmii prayed: “Oh God, please I don’t want you to punish me by giving me a man that will stay away from me during pregnancy.🤲🏼”

@remistargirlsax added: “Funny thing is some disappointments will follow this guy’s teaching. Set of men that sends pregnant wife to their parents till they give birth..women to them are home cook and sxx machines.”

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