I’ll foot the DNA test bill – Businessman offers Mohbad’s wife N10 million to clear her name

The CEO of African Television, Larry Omodia has offered late Mohbad’s wife N10 million to clear her name.

Nigerian businessman and CEO of African Television, Larry Omodia, has offered Mohbad’s widow of N10 million to conduct a DNA test to confirm the paternity of their child.

This is coming following several controversies surrounding the late singer’s death one of which is claims that his wife Wumi was unfaithful and that the child they had together is not his.

Contributing to the cause to venerate Wumi, Larry Omodia pledged to provide financial assistance for an “all-expense paid” DNA test.

He has also cited a leaked conversation between the deceased singer and his wife, Omowunmi, during a heated argument, which has raised suspicions.

The leaked audio contains serious allegations made by the singer against his wife, including conspiracy, and a vow that she would be held accountable if anything unfortunate were to happen to him.

In his words;

He said: “N10 million to Mohbad’s wife if DNA proves that that child belongs to Mohbad. African television will pay for the DNA test, raise N10 million for Mohbad’s wife to raise that child if the DNA proves that that child is actually Mohbad’s child.

“This is to counter those people who say, ‘If you talk about DNA, they will sue you for N3 million. Let them come after me. My name is Larry Omodia. I’m the CEO of African Television.

“I’m going to sponsor the DNA test and make sure that the baby gets N10 million if he’s proven to be Mohbad’s child. Why? Because accusation is traumatic. But what is more traumatic than accusation? A life of lies.

“So we would compensate Mohbad’s wife if the baby actually belongs to Mohbad. But if that baby isn’t for Mohbad, men will learn a lot of lessons from that.

“So, this message is to Mohbad’s family, get me that woman, get the baby; we’ll do a DNA test. If the woman has nothing to hide, she walks away with N10 million; that is a promise. And if you want to sue people for what is right, come after me.

“We are tired of women sending our boys to jail, killing our boys, lying against our men. Do you know how many men are in their graves because of a woman? Kings have been buried by women. Future presidents have been put in jail by women.

“It is time that we said, ‘No to slutty women’. And I’m not saying Mohbad’s wife or girlfriend is bad but we want to clear her name. We want to clear her name if she’s innocent.Listen to the audio conversation between her and Mohbad, that audio conversation makes her the first suspect. You guys are going after Naira Marley, Sam Larry, all kinds of people but listen to that audio conversation.

“Yes, what happened between Naira Marley, Sam Larry, they’re all criminals; those actions were wrong. But in thecase of murder, the primary suspect in my opinion is the wife because the audio conversation, from Mohbad’s conversation with her makes her a prime suspect. And the only way we can clear her name is by proper investigation. So, we’re offering N10 million for her to clear her name in this case.”

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See netizens Reactions….
@MurthadaO said; “She has everything to gain if she does DNA test.”

@OceanicK4J said; “WF! Where is Naira Marley and Sam Larry?”

@PAUL_MONEY_1 said “@VeryDarkMan3 come ooo see aproko here and there is another one I am looking for that says mohbad had another baby with another girl in his home town.”

@austylno3 said; “Assuming after DNA the child belongs to someone else what’s your benefits, you plan waking Mohbad to tell him or what.”

@ChukwumaChibuzo said; “The benefit is that little fortune Mohbad made will not be used to train another man’s child whom d father is perceived to have a hand in Mohbad’s death and on unfaithful wife.”

@haywhy1345 said; “Do your own DNA too sir, to prove you’re your father Son! Leave d girl out of this… u can investigate but don’t drag her! Even the mother, the father, the Marlian crew are suspect but enough of dragging her, spouses have fights nd say a lot of thing they didn’t mean to each other.”

@Kelvin_Stone_ said; “What’s so difficult about DNA test if the lady is actually innocent. This could have been a different situation if Mohbad truly had a dad. Not that coward that calls himself his father.”

@cossbee: “We are fighting against bullying, & so we go after Samlarry & Naira. We are also trying to get Justice by getting d killers, & that’s where all d family & friends of MohBad comes in. If I am to say, it’s more important to catch d killers rn than the bullies.”

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