“I’m a beauty with brains” – James Brown says, shares what his beauty can do


  • Popular Crossdresser, James Brown praises himself as he shares what his beauty can provide.
  • He stated that he got beauty and brain. He also claimed that his beauty has provided him all the material things he have.

Controversial crossdresser, James Brown lavishe praises on himself as he remarks how powerful his beauty is.

Brown took to his Instagram page to share a photo of himself wearing a red flowing wig while in a pink tight-fitting dress.

He described himself as a beauty with brain while adding that his beauty is worth trillions.

According to him, his beauty can get people material possessions such as houses and cars.

“My beauty worth TRILLIONS because with my beauty you can buy a house, car & make billions because I possess two elements BEAUTY with BRAIN,” he wrote.

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