“I’m not interested in his money” – Sadio Mane’s wife, Aisha Tamba speaks on her marriage to the footballer

The wife of Sadio Mane, Aisha Tamba speaks on what it is like to get married to a popular footballer after their marriage sparked criticism over the age difference between them.

Aisha Tamba, the newly-wedded wife of famous footballer, Sadio Mane, has spoken about her nuptials to the footballer.

Their union sparked a lot of debate and criticism on social media over the age difference between the couple despite the fact that Aisha Tamba is of legal age to get married.

In an exclusive interview with The Mail, Aisha Tamba, expressed her thoughts on the media attention surrounding her marriage.

Despite the controversy surrounding their marriage, Aisha Timba emphasized that her husband’s fame and wealth will neither change her nor make her forget where she comes from.

“I am looking forward to my new life and I know that it will be very different. But I do not feel any pressure because Sadio’s fame and money will not change me. This is not what I’m interested in. I will remain a humble person committed to my faith,” Aisha Timba said.

“I’m not used to having so much attention on me because we are a very private family. We don’t like to show off and speak about our personal lives. I am a very down to earth person, this is how I was raised, and nothing will be different just because of this marriage. But I’m very honoured to now be Mrs Mane,” she added.

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@onochieosheokwu said; “The only country in Africa that everything about them is money is Nigeria.. Even poor African countries with noting value humanity more than money but Nigeria, even your parents regard money more.”

@tinny_tush_official said; “There’s 70% truth in what she said cuz she’s a Muslim, they barely marry for material things.”

@aliyumukhtarm said; “True JJC. Should we tell her?”

@chapman_v12 said; “I like how humble mane is but the truth has to be said that he was actually communicating with a minor and groomed her until 18. Africa needs to wake up!”

@sauceprince1 said; “This is someone who knows and respects her HUMBLE BEGINNINGS. She’s definitely gonna enjoy this HUSBAND of hers.”

@mikkytorino said; “Men know dem good girls, they know what they want in a woman. I say make i update una. Keep twe twe.”

@thavincisounds_ said; “Baba go better market.”

@kexx_10 said; “Would you have married him if he was broke and ugIy?

@ninosucsexx said; “Naso Dem dey talk after she born one now , wahala go begin , I’m tired of all dis talks.”

@olatunjiokomi said; “Pls stay away from social media. They are not nice people. They want your husband so much than you do.”

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