Intentional boyfriend seeks advice over his girlfriend’s cheating issues

A boyfriend seeks advice on the Internet over a man who keeps sleeping with his girlfriend without mercy.

A boyfriend sparks reaction on social media after he sought advice online as another man keeps sleeping with his girlfriend without mercy.

He shared the his problem on his Twitter page, @demmy_god10, with popular Twitter influencer, @Wizarab10.

According to his narration, a man has been sleeping with his girlfriend for long even though he is aware she is in a relationship.

He added that he even resorted to begging him once to leave her as she was in a committed relationship but the man refused and disrespected him.

His tweet reads;

“If another guy is sleeping with your babe steady without mercy, how can one proceed?
Note; you’ve reached out to the guy and begged him to leave her alone but he didn’t yield. And babe keeps complaining that it’s the guy that’s persistent.

I’m sorry but I’m just confused. The guy is a killjoy and swear. Sometimes I wonder how wicked some guys can be. U know this babe has a serious relationship, yet she keeps sleeping in ur house and say you’re just friends.”

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