Israel DMW’s estranged wife, Sheila breaks silence following his outburst

Sheila Courage, Isreal DMW wife breaks her sikenve in social media after he rained curses on her.

Socialite, Isreal DMW’s wife Sheila Courage breaks silence after his outburst on social media where he rained curses on her.

Recall that Israel DMW took to social media to blast and rain curses on his estranged wife earlier.

He had laid a curse on her saying that it shall not be well with her while adding that it had been his mother-in-law’s greed that caused their crash.

Sheila took to her Instagram page to break her silence as she shared a video of herself having a good time with her best friend.

She captioned that people should always remember that social media isn’t real life.

She wrote:

“Always remember that social media isn’t real life”.

watch the video below:

Read some comments below:

aypepperrr said: “I like how she is managing the situation”

miz_tintin said: “Loveeet”

clarindablondeskincare said: “Maturity at its peak. It’s not every rant you respond to directly.”

viola_concept said: “Isreal typing…………..”

standardgram_ said: “Women move on in seconds but man? To heal no easy”

nnedinma_ said: “How Isreal wan take sleep this night?”

_oyebisi.xx said: “I love how this lady doesn’t care She don’t want to play in the mud with Isreal”

pepepretti_herself said: “Ah! This reminds me of acrimony. Israel will be going gaga like Melinda gayle right now”

officialbadboyslimlism1 said: “Even a billionaire can’t keep his marriage .. therapist self no fit keep relationship”

udsammie said: “uncle will cry more..”

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