Israel DMW’s wife, Sheila Courage rebukes him after he laid hefty curse on her

Israel DMW’S ex wife, Sheila Courage reacts to her husband’s post where he laid heavy curses on her after she revealed that she is currently single.

Israel DMW’s estranged wife, Sheila Courage has reacted to a post where he implored on the Edo gods to curse his estranged wife after she revealed to the general public that she is single.

Earlier, Sheila in a recent Instagram post revealed that she is currently single, however she is not in the relationship market.

In a post shortly after, Israel laid hefty curse and prayed for the death of any who intends to come close to her now they are separated.

However, in response to this post, Sheila replied with a Bible verse from Lamentations about his words not coming to pass of it is not willed by God.

She wrote …

“Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, When the Lord commandeth it not? Lamentations 3:37 KJV”

Check out reactions below:

veevogee said: “Anything that involves two persons that have seen each other’s nakedness, no dey put mouth for their matter. Both of them are right and both of them are also wrong. Case closed…”

an_na_bella11 said: “This lady dodged a bullet. She don’t know what God has done for her”

iameniolamyde commented: “May we not get married to what we can’t explain”

thronedigital commented: “This is a battle between Edo ancestors and the Calabar ancestors, but the calabar lady chose the lord of host instead of her ancestors. This battle won’t be as mall one. Keeping up with the isrealite Season 1 Ep14. 3” said: “It is times like this that I am so glad man no be God. If not eh!”

_funkygold wrote: “Sheila 100..lsrael 00″

natashabankz7 commented: “Na pastor pikin sin pass for this life”

daddysgirl_treasure_ wrote: “The best thing she did was to run for her life, can’t imagine what brother Juju was doing behind closed doors if he’s doing all of this openly”

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