Iyabo Ojo mocks Lizzy Anjorin for refusing to show up in court

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has mocked Lizzy Anjorin after she failed to appear in court for their case.

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo mocks her colleague, Lizzy Anjorin for failing to appear in court for their hearing.

According to a video posted by the actress on her verified Instagram page, Lizzy Anjorin did not appear in court in a case between them.

Iyabo Ojo and her lawyer, who talked in the video, further revealed that the matter was extended to April 10th, and the court will issue another order to her Lizzy.

The mother of two also insulted Lizzy Anjorin, saying that if she does not accept the revised order, it will be put all over her wall to remind her of the hearing date. Iyabo Ojo captioned the video.

“April 10th is round the corner……. the court will be serving you once again, Liz, and this time, the court has given the order for it to be pasted everywhere on your wall if you don’t accept it ……. this court se, we must go and you must bring all your evidence 😉 by force by fire”

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