Jemima Osunde reacts after her degree was questioned as she defends Pastor Paul Enenche

Nigerian actress, Jemima Osunde reacts after a troll questioned her degree as she defends pastor Paul Eneche’s reaction to controversial ‘BSc in law’ testimony.

Popular actress, Jemima Osunde reacts as trolls call her degree into question after she defended Pastor Paul Enenche in the controversial ‘BSc in Law’ testimony.

Recall that Pastor Paul Enenche was heavily criticized on social media doe publicly chastising a lady for her testimony in church, which he had thought was untrue.

The movie star, Jemima Osunde who also thought the testimony was untrue, took to her social media to defend Pastor Paul Enenche’s reaction as being ‘human’ since nobody would remain unprovoked in response to such a ‘lie’.

She wrote …

“Pastor Paul is human. You too if someone should lie to you like that unprovoked won’t you be annoyed?
BSc law
Like what would make a person decide to go to church to give a false testimony?
I’m trying to understand it”

Some netizens had claimed that she, Jemima, had also lied to have attended medical school where she got her degree in Physiotherapy.

One netizen, @uncommon_chic wrote … “Jemimah Osunde that lied about being in medical school for years really has something to say about the BSc in law situation… Lmaooooo. The joke writes itself.”

In reaction to these claim, Jemima shared a photo from her induction and her degree certificate which proves indeed that she had attended College of Medicine, University of Lagos where she bagged a degree in phyiotherapy.

“I hope this helps you🫶🏾 ,” she captioned.

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