Keke driver returns N15M left in his vehicle after announcement on radio in Kano

A Keke NAPEP rider has been celebrated in Kano state after he returned N15 million that was forgotten inside his vehicle by a Chadian who visited Nigeria to buy goods.

The driver is 22 years old Auwalu Salisu, who hails from Yankaba in Nasarawa Local Government Area of the Kano.

Salisu returned the money after learning through a radio broadcast that the huge sum was lost by the owner.

The total amount he returned, which converts to ₦15 million, consisted of 10.130 million CFA and ₦2.9 million.

In his account to Arewa Radio, a Kano-based broadcaster, the tricycle rider explained that he only realized the passenger had left the money behind when he arrived home.

Upon discovering this significant amount of money, he promptly informed his parents, who then advised him to make an effort to locate the rightful owner.

“I took the man from Badawa to Bata. I went back there after informing my parents. When I reached there, I didn’t meet him and I kept searching.

“I went back home and gave the money to my mother who kept it inside her wardrobe. I was afraid because I was eager to hand over the money back to the owner. I had no intention to touch a penny. it’s not mine, as such prohibited for me,” he said.

He continued, “I heard the announcement on Arewa Radio, and they gave a number. I called the number and the owner said he will come to our house, but I said no. We should meet at the Radio Station. We met there and I gave him his money.”

He said, that despite the difficult economic situation at home, he and his parents never thought of touching the money.

“We barely cook two times in a day, even yesterday we couldn’t cook while the money was with us,” his father said.

Expressing his shock, the owner of the money conveyed his admiration for Salisu’s remarkable act, adding that he had never imagined that such genuinely good-hearted individuals existed in the world.

“I never thought these kind of boys exists on earth. I had given up already, but I got my money back. Alhamdulillah! I really appreciate him and his parents. They are facing difficulties but they didn’t touch even a penny from my money,” the owner said.

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