Keke rider gets reward after he return an iPhone 14 Pro Max found in his tricycle (Video)

A Keke driver has been rewarded handsomely in Ghana after he returned a passenger’s iPhone 14 pro which he forgot in his car.

A Keke rider in Kumasi, Ghana received a handsome reward after he returned a passenger’s iPhone 14 Pro Max he left in his vehicle.

This happened after a passenger, unknowingly left his smartphone in the tricycle, was very surprised by the rider’s integrity and honesty after he returned it.

The passenger, was very worried when realizing that he had left his iPhone 14 Pro Max behind but he decided to take action by calling his own number.

To his relief, the tricycle rider answered the call and, without any hesitation, agreed to meet the passenger for the identification and return of the lost phone.

To show his gratitude to the e tricycle rider, the passenger generously gifted him ¢300 (equivalent to N20,128.82).

“I want to thank you for this reward. I have returned missing items found in my tricycle to their owners before, but many of them do not give me money, and some do not even say thank you. I am grateful for this,” The keke rider said with joy.

See how Netizens Reacted below:

@Puzor Junior stated; “I found Samsung S20 ultra in my Uber car . The phone was with me for 3days. After given him the phone he even wanted to arrest me”

@_ stated; “Because of your clean heart you will never lack in life Gagging Forever.”

@Lionel Arena Gh said; “I remember last time i lost my heart in uber buh luckily the next day the driver brought it back to me if not anka hmmm waaa imagine.”

@S A I F indicated; “This pragia guys in Kumasi are real good …they are angels.”

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