Kess Wife accuse his family of neglecting her when she miscarried while he was at the BBNaija show (video)

The wife of BBNaija reality TV star, Kess recounts Kess family reaction after she miscarried their child.

The wife of BBNaija Kess has recounted how Kess family was more interested in buying him votes while he was at the show than caring for her after she miscarried.

Recall that Christy O and Kess were accused by Angel, Kess wife of having an affair and went further to share allege chat between them.

In reaction to these accusations, Kess called his wife and thief, liar and manipulator. He also claimed that the chats between him and Christy O are fabricated.

She also claimed that the sole reason Kess was picked for the BBNaija show was because of her. She also alleged that the organizers wanted a man who’s married in the house.

She also mentioned that when Kess gave her a rundown of the show and vowed not to engage in anything disgraceful.

To her surprise, one week into the show he was already laying in bed besides Ilebaye.

Furthermore, she noted how she had a miscarriage and lost her child and how Kess brother announced the unfortunate incident without her permission.

Angel highlighted that after the incident, she wrote to Big Brother telling him about how she lost her child, but stressed that she doesn’t want him out of the house but would want them to get the message across to her husband.

Watch her speak by clicking the link below:

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