KWAM1 breaks silence over claims of embarrassing his wife at his party


  • Popular Fuji singer, KWAM1 has finally spoken up after claims that he embarrassed his wife at his surprise birthday party.
  • This is coming after the singer rejected his wife kiss when she attempted to kiss him in public at the birthday bash.
  • A band member Kunle Rasheed in a statement addressed all the claims while stating that the claims are force.

Famous Nigerian Fuji singer King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall, popularly known as KWAM1 , has broken his silence regarding claim that he embarrassed his wife, Emmanuella Ropo, at his surprise birthday dinner.

A statement by Kunle Rasheed, one of the singer’s band members, addresses the rising issue that KWAM1 is having issues with his new wife.

Kunle Rasheed claimed the rumours about his master’s marriage were false and unconfirmed pieces of information.

He also claimed that KWAm1’s gesture to his wife’s kiss on his 66th birthday was or an ordinary reaction from the singer.


Our attention has been drawn yet again to another rounds of unofficial and unreliable piece of information that the Mayegun of Yorubaland, K1 de Ultimate is not in love with his darling wife hence the rejection of her kiss at his surprise birthday gig held at Radisson Blu over the weekend.

These rumour mongers have turned what ordinary was inconsequential to something they feel in their delusion, they should celebrate and spread for a gain we do not understand.

It is rather unfortunate that these rumour spinners who thrive only in negativity should be able to see through their hate that love indeed has found a place to stay permanently in the couple’s hearts.

It is so evident that K1 and his wife Emmanuella love each other dearly. This should be understood by many especially those who are waiting to rejoice at any bad news about the couple.

Many of these gossips believe that the union will not work are in perpetual agony when they see the marriage flourishing. It engulfs them with sadness and pain so much that their daily activities is to shop endlessly for ways to transfer their unhappy mode to a couple who is constantly enjoying the bliss of their union.

We wish to say it clearly for the umpteenth time, that “Ajike Okin” and her darling husband K1 de Ultimate have mastered the way to always keep their faces toward the sunshine, so that the shadows can fall behind them. They are still sailing on that love boat with no intention to halt the sail or sink it.

Signed: Kunle Rasheed
(for K1 de Ultimate band)

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