Lady calls out boyfriend, narrates how she caught him cheating with her bestie

A lady takes to her social media handle to call out her cheating boyfriend and her best friend after she caught them in bed.

A Nigerian lady takes to her so ail media handle to give a detailed story of how she caught her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend.

The lady identified by her social media handle as @uTeeSamuel took to X to share the account of how the incident had occurred.

According to the lady, she had the intention of visiting her boyfriend in Minna, and her bestie known as Oluchi begged her to come along since she didn’t want to be alone and bored in their hostel.

After much begging on Oluchi’s part and an agreement with her boyfriend, Oluchi tagged along and followed her to Minna.

While at the boyfriend’s place, the lady revealed that noticed that her bestie, Oluchi began getting to close with her man to the point that she stopped having any conversation with her. She ignored this signal and refused to read any meaning into the situation.

She said that the next day after arriving her her boyfriend’s place, her friend Oluchi said that she wanted chicken stew and they had agreed to cook it, but her boyfriend refused to follow her to the market, explaining that he wanted to keep Oluchi company.

The lady revealed that she got upset and left for the market alone, but eventually had to go back home to retrieve the wallet she forgot at home.

When she returned, she found Oluchi and her boyfriend having an intense make out session.

Read the full account below …

“Last week Thursday I took my friend from school to visit my boyfriend
in Minna. I was supposed to go alone but she pleaded to join me because the hostel will be boring without me around. I spoke to my boyfriend if it’s okay I bring her along, he accepted.

She has never met Ayo and has only seen his pictures. When we arrived in Minna & she finally saw him she kept reiterating “he’s fine o he’s so fine. Phone camera isn’t doing justice”. I took it as a compliment and blushed.

On Friday , my friend told Ayo that he should show her around Minna since it’s her first time. We went out later in the evening for a little tour. When we returned, I noticed she preferred having a conversation with my boyfriend than me, who is her friend.

I ignored it because i tried not to read meaning to it. I allowed them bond & went to bed. The next morning, my friend said she’s craving for chicken stew. Ayo asked if we can go with the chicken stew, I agreed.

Told Ayo to dress up so we can go to the market together. He quickly replied “babe Oluchi is home alone, someone has to stay with her”. I told him she’s not a baby, he refused following me to the market. Out of anger, I took my phone and bag & left for the market.

On my way to the market, I noticed i didn’t pick my wallet so i went back to pick it up. I opened the room and saw Oluchi comfortably riding my boyfriend while he was moaning to it. I shouted OLUCHI!!!

She jumped down and started begging and said he forced her. He forced you and you’re on top??????? Riding and Moaning??? Where is that done? Pushed her out of my way, took my things and came back to Abuja. The useless cheat
hasn’t allowed my phone to rest.

This is the silly girl that will rather ride her friend’s boyfriend than follow other men. By the time I’m done with her, she will run out of this school. Classless wh*re!!”

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