Lady dumped on first date for catfishing (looking younger online)

A young American lady breaks down in tears after she had a terrible first date experience with aan who dumped her at their date for not looking the same as she looked online.

A young American lady is heartbroken after she suffered a terrible first date experience with a man who dumped her for not looking the same as she looked online.

The TikTok user identified as @redcookie229 took to her page to rant about her horrible first date experience with a man.

According to the lady, she immediately noticed that something was off the second her date set eyes on her at the restaurant where they met.

Without holding back, he expressed his concerns and disappointment about her describing her as a ‘catfish’ who looked younger and more attractive in photos than in person.

Narrating her experience, she could not hold back her tears while expressing how hurtful the statement was.

Reactions below:
dat_uty said: “So much energy online then you appear mid physically… who no go vex??😒😏.”

srigeorgeom said: “Most people online are not worth meeting physically due to the prevalence of psychopaths.” — S”

_cici_nita noted: “Reason why I don’t over edit my pictures and I try to post my natural face more too. Even with my acne scars. And small yansh 😂.

taaatibg opined: “Some girls are like that, they’d look like Nicki Minaj on social media while they look like Aunty ramota in real life😒. Make up and too much picture editing 😩😩.”

fabulosgloria penned: “See these are the issues. Majority of people you see online misrepresent themselves in the name of packaging. It’s not about the look but the personality portrayed in the pic she used. I can’t tell you the number of times I get shocked when I see people in real life and they look nothing like their online representation.”

maestrealbus said: “Don’t cry. Being rejected is okay. He is not attracted to you. That’s fine. Someone else would be.”

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