Lady heartbroken as her boyfriend denies pregnancy after allegedly sleeping with her

A lady has shared her chat with her boyfriend after she told him she was pregnant and how he reacted to it.

In lady has shared how her boyfriend reacted after she told him that she is pregnant. The lady showed a series of screenshots which showed their heated exchange.

The lady whose identity remains undisclosed, shared the news of her pregnancy with her boyfriend and how he reacted to it.

According to the post shared by @oyindapenaddict, the lady explained that she had been feeling unwell which made her to take a pregnancy test, which confirmed her suspicions.

Unable to contain her excitement, she told her boyfriend the goodnews to her boyfriend, expecting a positive response.

However, the boyfriend’s reaction was not what she anticipated. He responded with confusion and provocation, dismissing her revelation as a joke and accusing her of being sick.

“I guess you’re sick. Please it’s too early for this Let me be please,” the boyfriend said.

He also denied any responsibility and insisted that it was too early for such discussions.

The conversation took a turn for the worse when the young lady, hurt by her boyfriend’s dismissive attitude, threatened to involve her mother.

In a final attempt to salvage the situation, she vowed to visit her boyfriend’s mother to explain everything.

“Ahh ahh I know what to do. I will first call mum and report you to her. Cus I don’t understand you anymore,” the pregnant lady said.

However, his response was one of anger and warnings against involving his family, even going as far as threatening to sever ties with her and suggesting that her own parents might disown her.

In the boyfriend’s words;

“Hope you’re not talking about my mum. See Ifemide Abii wetin be your name don’t even try it. Cus I’m not the one responsible for that stupid thing you called pregnancy. So leave my dm before I block you and if you think you can call my mum or anyone. The way I will spoil you for them enh? You parents will even disown you.”

Netizens Reactions…

@Don_pasy said; “‘I guess you are sick It is too early for this Let me be’ Omor, this part pains me this most. So sad!”

@massive_Edafe10 said; “Life can be so cruel sometimes.”

@iam_ayobamie commented; “What does she expect.”

@P_Cha7 reacted; “So sad. Men take responsibility for ur doings.”

@Ramesh Saxena said; “Life comes.”

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