Lady heartbroken as she discovers her husband is gay after marriage

Nigerian lady in pains after realizing that her husband who is a staunch christian is gay.

Nigerian lady heartbroken after realizing her husband who is a staunch Christian, is gay and confesses he has never made love to her throughout their marriage.

The story was shared on Facebook by a user identified as Solanke Ayomideji Taiwo, who received the message privately and was asked to share on his platform for advice from his followers.

Narrating her story, the woman revealed she had met him in church and they both remained chaste until after their wedding to consummate the marriage.

Unfortunately, she discovered along the way that he was actually gay and he only married her to keep it a secret from everybody else.

He bought her sex toys and also offered her the opportunity to sleep with another man to satisfy her urges as he admitted he has never slept with a woman before and wouldn’t sleep with her either.

Her husband also placed her on a monthly payment in exchange for her silence, warning her not to spill else he would ruin herself and her family.

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