Lady in pain as her stockfish gets stolen barely few days after resumption

A trending audio making rounds in social media captures the pain and frustration of a lady whoses stockfish (okporoko) got stolen in her hostel barely days into her resumption.

A trending voice note on social media captures the pain and frustration of a lady crying out in pain after her stockfish (Okporoko) got stolen in the female hostel, barely few days after resumption.

It was gathered that school had just resumed but some of her foodstuffs were already getting missing.

The lady upon discovering the theft took to her hostel WhatsApp group to lament that her foodstuff was stolen.

With pain in her voice, she asked if anyone in the hostel had seen the stockfish (okporoko) that she kept outside.

She said that someone had taken one from the ones she left outside, and the one the person took was the big one.

Watch the video below:

Reactions below
user3246583971930 said: “My cloth don finish for hall8”

omalicha_adaugo commented: “😂😂😂😂Omo this is serious oooo,thief even come our hostel early hours of today”

Adaorah Chukwu wrote: “Y una steal her isi okporoko naa🤣”

SHOLANKE madiat stated: “Omo fear Hall8 girls😭
na so them move somebody full bag of foodstuffs after election break last year”

stanz705 penned: “Them Dey still pant seff talkless of Ishi okporoko 😅😅,this hall 8 seff 😂😂”

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