Lady in regret after giving ‘aboki’ her phone number (video)

A TikTok user shares a voice note she received from a bike man after she gave him her number.

A TikTok user identified by her handle as @itzarihanabae shares a voice note she received from an ‘aboki’ bike man she gave her number to.

In the voice note, the bike man could be heard asking the lady why she did not call him once she got home safely.

The voice note said; “Hello sister, how are you? Why you no call me?”

This stirred reaction among netizens who took to the comment section to speak about their experiences with bike men.

@enefridayjames said: “Naso my bike guy always angry if he see me with any guy’s he we just change face.”

@Omotohwunmie said:B“Naxo them dey do, but they are very nice.”

@súççéss reacted: “My bike man no won see me vex ooo if I de vex he go say watin I want may he buy for me….l no know where he de see money from.”

@oyi wodu reacted: “My own bike man go call me say E won check up.”

@Pretty_zara & Do said: “Hello sister how are you.”

@Naa akushika said: “Why he Dey sound like that alhaji I know.”

Watch the video by clicking the link below:

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