Lady mad as immigration officer trims her eyelashes during passport renewal

A lady expressed how disappointed she was after she was asked to trim her eyelashes during her passport renewal.

A Nigerian lady expresses utmost disappointment at the officers of Nigerian Immigration Service after she was asked to trim her artificial eyelashes during passport renewal.

In a video trending on social media, the lady was given the option of going natural during the capturing process of her passport.

In the video, the immigration officer could be seen using scissors to trim the lashes of the lady.

Expressing her disappointment, the lady lamented how uncomfortable it felt during the process how belittling it was.

In the caption of her video, she wrote, “Renewing my passport and they had to take my picture. They said I cant have my picture with my lashes done. They are saying I have to cut my lashes. I’m so sad man.”

Reactions below:

pretty99_ said: “Y’all know u can’t use long lashes but u still go there to embarrass yourself.”

olivia__davids stated: “Don’t y’all read the guidelines before going for passport?”

holy_spireet opined: “Some of you will embarrass yourself even when you know it’s wrong. Eyelashes won’t allow the camera to capture your eyes and eye bag well. Not in Nigeria alone. Same wey you can’t take a passport photograph with a cap or glasses.”

abbyabus clarified: “The guidelines are on the website, but you all want to trend. Every eke market day, “they asked me to take out my eye lashes” 🤣”

daintyrossy said: “Did she not know before? It’s your identity no fake anything. Even nose ring not allowed lipgloss too.”

bound2fido penned: “They gave me scarf to cover my cleavage 😂. They gave the lady before me black wig to wear cos she dyed her hair pink 😂😂😂.”

Watch the video below …

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