Lady narrates how her aunt’s husband remarried one year after she died because he refused to pay N50k for her surgery

A Nigerian lady takes to a comment section of a viral tweet to narrated how her aunt lost her life after her husband redused to pay N50k for her surgery.

A Nigerian lady recounts how her aunt allegedly lost her life after her husband refused to pay the bill required for her surgery.

The lady identified by her Twitter handle as @Madam_Ufuoma revealed that her aunt had no money of her own because she hands over her salary to her husband at the end of each month.

When she fell ill and N50,000 was demanded as the surgery fee her husband refused to pay for the surgery but instead used the money to fix his car.

The lady lost her life before the surgery could be performed in her due to the delay.

@Madam_Ufuoma said that following her aunt’s death, the man cleared her account and got married to another woman less than two years after.

She said:

“After my aunt died, her husband remarried barely a year later. She died because he refused to drop 50k for her surgery, he used the money to repair his car. That wasn’t even his money, she submitted all her salary to him, as soon as she got paid, he would withdraw the money for the “family”.

The emotional abuse and many more was discovered after she died, she told no one about it, she just endured because of the kids and she didn’t marry “early”.

She was a nurse, well paid but never spent a dime of her hard work on herself. After her death, this man refused to bury her in the land that was bought with her own money. Instead, he made arrangements for her to be buried in government land and made it look like he bought a new land for her to be buried.

She told no one about what she was going through and she was always bubbly, she cared about everyone but she married a fool who is responsible for her death.

The doctor who treated her revealed her condition to us when it got critical after he noticed the husband wouldn’t budge, he went through her file and called her brother who was her emergency contact. The brother quickly went there with the money but it was too late. Apparently, she had a tumor that could have been handled through surgery with just 50k. From emotional abuse to headaches, high blood pressure and tumour. The foolish man chose to use the money to fix his car.

As soon as she died, he went to the bank to empty her account. By the way, during the burial arrangement, the man kept saying “na who die na e lose*. He disrespected her in life and in death, the children witnessed everything and the eldest son and daughter don’t even like him because they saw everything he did. The last boy may not remember much because he was just 7yrs old when it happened.”

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