Lady places curse on ex-boyfriend for tagging her to his pre-wedding photos

Lady places curse on her ex boyfriend who tagged her on his pre-wedding photos despite dumping her after she sponsored his business.

A lady sparks reaction online as she lays m curses on her ex-boyfriend who posted and tagged her in his pre-wedding photos, despite dumping her for another lady.

The lady known by her social media account as Florence Sudar Clement went on a could not hold back as she wished her ex bad things for his marriage.

It was gathered from some netizens reaction that the dou relationship did not end on a positive note. Some netizens shared that the lady had allegedly given him money to start a business together only for him to get engage to another lady once the business started thriving.

She shared photos of the ex boyfriend and cursed his marriage, wishing him misery and grief rather than the happiness of marriage.

The lady wrote …

“Congratulations on your shameless and useless marriage. May ur marriage taste the 5 rules of grief, May God punish u for the rest of ur life, from my heart I wish u nothing but pain till u rest in the bosom of devil.😀😀”

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