Lady provokes reaction online as she lists out her requirements in a man

A lady sparks debate on social media as he shared a list of her requirements in a man.

A lady has sparked reaction on social media as she shares a controversial list of her requirements in a man.

The South African lady known as Kiara revealed that she is searching for a man to date.

However, the man would need to possess some characteristics in other to match her taste.

Amongst other things listed, she noted that the man must have a car, a small house and can pay her bills.

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@anael_mevong said: “Unless you look out for Jesus Christ”

@sthedoingthings said: “So basically you want a guy that doesn’t exist ,lmfao”

@jaytcoza said: “Number 6 really? Ai human trafficking izoqala lana ke.”

@droptheslop said: “I think I’m most of these. Not gonna happen though. No offense.”

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