Lady seeks advice after husband insisted that she donate her kidney to his ailing mother


  • A woman has sought the advice of online user after her husband is insisting that she donates a kidney to his ailing mother.
  • According to the 25 years old lady her mother in-law lives with them and when she became sick she was diagnosed with kidney issue.
  • On finding out that her kidney matches with his mother her husband have been insisting that she donates while threatening not to forgive her if anything happen to his mother.

A lady has been left in a state of dilemma after her husband insists she donates her kidney to his ailing mother.

The lady, 25 revealed that she is married to her husband 35, whose mother lives with them.

Her mother-in-law is sick, and they have diagnosed her with kidney issues.

The lady’s kidney matches that of her mother-in-law, and her husband has asked that she donates one of her kidneys to his mother.

He claims he loves his mother so much and would never want anything to hurt her. He has also asked his wife to prove his love to him by donating one of her kidneys to his mother.

Now, she seeks the opinion of the public as to how to approach the situation.

She wrote:

“I am 25 years old. Married to a man of 35years. We have been married for more than 2years with a child. The issue that brought me here is that my mother in law is sick (kidney problem) and it happens that mine matches her.

My husband is begging me to donate one of my kidney to save his mom. He said he loves his mom so much and will not want anything to happen to her.

That if love him as I claim, now is time to prove it. I refused. How can a young girl,like me that is just starting life donate a kidney to an old woman of 48years.

Even if the person is my mum, she won’t even allow me to donate for her. Now hubby is acting up. Saying if anything happens to her mum, he will never forgive me. Please, am I being wicked?”

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