Lady shares amazing transformation photos of her and her dad

A viral video which has caused a buzz online shows the amazing transformation between a daughter and his father.

A viral photo shakes the internet after a lady shared a transformation photo showing the before-and-after pictures stage of their relationship.

The photo was shared in the Twitter handle @lorainezahoui0 which offered a glimpse into their parental relationship.

What caught the attention of online users was how remarkably young the father appeared.

One who did not know of the existing father and daughter relationship between the duo can mistake them for siblings.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:

Netizens Reactions:

@Ada Faith reacted; “Is ur father single? Asking for a roommate.”

@Chisom Emenyk said; “Ahh old age is the new Youth.”

@Elizabeth commented; “The gene.”

@user93135131737742 said; “It is good to born early.”

@chizzy5858 said; “I love this.”

@Goodness homachi said; “U were born when he was really so young .l’m sure he wasn’t ready to be a father buh you were the best thing that ever happened to him.”

@Gloriana said: “This is so cute.”

@Tovia BerlingE said; “Na em make I wan quick born but all these boys.”

@Rica reacted; “Cute.”

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