Lady shares how her best friend dumped his girlfriend after using her life savings to travel to UK

A Nigerian lasy has shared a long story of how her male best friend broke up with his girlfriend after using her live savings to travel to the UK.

A Nigerian lady has narrated how her male best friend broke up with his girlfriend after taking advantage of her money to travel to the UK.

The lady identified on X as Torty Mercy claimed that her closest male friend and his ex-girlfriend fell in love during their university days.

She claimed that at some point, the understanding ex-girlfriend bought her male best friend a car and begged him to use it for a transportation company since he was unemployed.

After a while, the man started talking about traveling outside the country, and he begged his girlfriend to let him sell the car she had purchased for him and give him her entire life savings so he could proceed with his travel plans while she remained in Nigeria, adding that he would invite her over once he secures his papers.

She also claimed that although she warned the woman not to do it, she went against her advice.

She added that she didn’t hear from the couple again until 2019, when the woman contacted her to let her know that the man was going to marry a different woman he met in the UK, using the fact that she wasn’t submissive as a reason to dump her.

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