Lady shares how man who took her on a date asks her to refund money for food she ate

A lady takes to social media to share a dating experience, where the man who took her out requested for a refund after footing the bills for their meal.

A lady has taken to social media to narrate an awful dating experience, wherein the man who took her on a date requested a refund after footing the bill for their meal.

The lady, whose identity is anonymous, spoke of a peculiar encounter with a man she went on a date with.

According to her after their date, the man asked her for a refund after covering the bill for their meal.

Explaining what transpired, the lady noted that they both had agreed to split the bill at a sushi restaurant. However, when her card was declined, the man offered to pay for both their meals.

Despite this seemingly generous gesture, the lady was taken aback when the man later requested that she transfer her half of the bill back to his account.

In her post, she mentioned how the man appeared to be calculating the cost of their meal and even made a remark about trying a dessert she ordered “maybe one time.”

After the man paid for the meal, the woman received a text from him the following day, requesting reimbursement for her half of the bill.

In her words;

“Had a date. Went for sushi. I got a few dishes and he seemed to be counting his coming through. I got some strawberry cheesecake mochi and he said ”that looks nice. I’ll try it maybe one time. Spend enough today ahahaa

“Went to tap the card as we agreed to split the bill. I did my half and my card got declined. I said to the waiter, quick as a flash, I’ll need to insert my pin because I’ve probably tapped too many times now

“The man I was with on the date said ”let me just get this, please” and he tapped. He’s now messaging this evening saying ‘can you transfer your half? As we did agree to go half. It’s Santander xxx yyy lll’

“Then followed up straight away with a link and saying ”fancy this next week?” So I have. And haven’t replied back to say it’s done. AIBU to not be interested now? Just seems a bit petty. I personally would’ve just left it if the shoe was on the other foot.”

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