Lady sparks debate as she renovates rented house with expensive POP ceiling

A Nigerian lady stuns many over a video of her renovating her rented house with expensive plaster of Paris (POP).

A Nigerian lady has attracted attention online after a video surfaced of her renovating her rented apartment with expensive Plaster of Paris (POP).

The young lady who decided to give her one-room and parlour apartment a facelift took to her platform to share the entire process with her followers on TikTok.

The video showed the initial state of the ceiling and the meticulous process of replacing it with a modern POP design.

The young lady also revealed that she had previously used her parlour for both business operations and content creation but decided to focus on her room.

The lady admitted that she never showed off her room in her videos before because of its appearance.

According to the lady, the weariness of using her parlour for both business and content creation prompted her to spare no expense in renovating the room.

In her words;

“You don’t need to break the bank before you live in a nice apartment. Join me as I transform the look of my current apartment into a nice aesthetically pleasing apartment. This was what the ceiling looked like as you all can see, it is not giving what it’s supposed to give especially the ceiling.

“I contacted my POP man to come and remove my old ceiling and replace it with a POP ceiling. For those of you curious to know, I live in a one-room and parlour apartment. I use my parlour for my business, I make and sell female footwear. My day one follower will know that I’ve never made a video inside my room, I’ve been using the parlour to create content and I’m tired of using the parlour which I use for my business so I decided to spice up the room aesthetic.”

Watch the video below:


You really don’t need to break a bank before you live in an aesthetically pleasing apartment, all you need to do is to renovate and transform your old apartment to what you like 🤣 #popceilingdesign #pop #roomtransformation #roomrenovation

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Netizens Reactions below:

Rotiat said; “You fix a rented house pop? Will the landlord pay for it?”

Fine Paw-Paw reacted; “Like how much did the pop cost?”

Dat Jolie Madam said; “Imagine doing this and your landlord sends you out after 6 months because the house has been sold.”

Mirian Asuquo reacted; “I remember when I did a major renovation in a rented apartment I was served quit notice after I spent a whole and no refund, the landlord say e no send me renovate him space o.”

Viral ctc group said; “What country is this?”

Tahsia said; “Not everywhere on the island has bad water.”

@kate said; “You over break bank ohh.”

APRIL 7th _geh said; “Can’t be an ikwerre man house here in ph 69 your quit notice will be servers chill.”

Mille Rich reacted; “Landlord house.” “Quit notice loading.”

Segz said; “I hope you had an arrangement with the landlord as regards to the cost like a counterbalancing against your next rent payment?”

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