Lady sparks reaction over her outfit to a wedding reception

A young lady causes outrage after wearing a bum shorts and a bikini top to a wedding reception.

A young lady makes sparks outrage online after wearing a bum shorts and a revealing top to a wedding reception

In a trending video, she was seen strutting into the reception donning a revealing outfit capturing the attention of other attendees who stared in shock.

The lady confidently entered into the wedding venue unbothered by the onlookers.

She also bent down and twerked to the amazement to other guests.

Reactions to the video below:

FunmiKolz said: “So nobody there can chase her out?”

Irunnia_ said: “The man’s ex sent her to scatter the marriage.”

TracynotChelsea said: “I feel people know who they try such stunts with.”

AishaReno12 said: “She has a secret about either the bride or the groom, she definitely has something evident.”

Xperience_Snr said: “I don’t have any male or female friends or relations that roll with people like this and I don’t pray to be engaged with a woman that’ll have people like this in her life that’ll confidently come to her reception to fool. Lol.”

Watch the video below:

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